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Sustainability Frontiers
Entrepreneurs are an essential and inspiring part of building a better future for people and the planet. They do this by finding new ways to add value to customers. As we continue to discover the major challenges created by population growth, limited resources, and too much waste, entrepreneurs are already stepping in with innovative solutions. These are the types of businesses that enable a healthier and happier world. So how can investors and donors support them? First Principles works at the frontiers of ways to scale up support for mission-driven enterprises.

Services include:

  • Guidance on sustainability for investors and financiers
  • Supporting enterprises to grow their impact strategies
  • Preparing entrepreneurs to engage with impact investors

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Good relationships are key to the success and resilience of any organisation, whether with employees, suppliers, business partners, or local communities. Partnerships are a powerful way to combine the strengths of different organisations and to solve complex problems in innovative ways. Setting up a partnership requires careful preparation and making sure interests and expectations are aligned. This is particularly true in the case of multi-stakeholder partnerships, where a number of different perspectives are brought to the table. First Principles can assist you to lay the foundations for a successful partnership and facilitate the process from start to finish.

Services include:

  • Exploration of what the partnership needs to achieve
  • Planning an appropriate process to engage partners
  • Facilitating early brainstorming sessions, formation of guiding principles, and design of strategy and work plan
  • Development of goals and metrics to guide the partnership
  • Establishing systems and providing facilitation to identify and resolve disputes that may arise
  • Reviewing progress of the partnership at key milestones, including completion

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Groups and communities of all kinds have tremendous untapped potential to solve problems and make the world a better place. Most people love to collaborate and deliberate democratically around complex challenges that affect them, but most don’t get the opportunity to participate in such a positive way. Others may just need the right encouragement and conditions to grow into their own style of leadership, adding value through their unique knowledge and perspectives. First Principles offers a combination of facilitation, capacity building, and mediation that enables effective dialogue for groups of any size.

Focus areas include:

  • Planning and implementing stakeholder engagement
  • Coaching teams on stakeholder engagement principles and techniques
  • Assessing interests and needs of stakeholders (fact-finding)
  • Training teams on effective communication and conflict management
  • Unlocking group potential through self-organisation and personal leadership

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